Head Photo is the commercial portfolio site of photographer Ravi Juneja - thank you for visiting.

My commercial work is commissioned by corporate clients, brands, charities, publications and private individuals. A selection is shown in the galleries on this site. Some of these galleries have accompanying text, so please be sure to scroll down if you'd like to read it.

I have over twenty years experience in stills photography, having first been published by Benetton's Colors magazine in the early '90s. My background and training was as a camera man in the film industry, mainly in music videos and advertising.

The work shown here is mainly corporate, portrait and events photography. Clients have told me that my key quality when photographing people is an ability to empathise, to put subjects at ease and to capture emotion and 'life' when covering events.

I also undertake personal projects, loosely working in the field of Social Documentary photography. This work can be viewed at ravijuneja.co.uk.

I can be contacted at studio [at] headphoto [dot] co [dot] uk.

Thanks again for visiting,

Ravi Juneja
London UK